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S r i   A u r o b i n d o    C a m e    t o    M e


I have cherished you like a friend and a son and have poured on you my force to develop your powers --- to make an equal development in the Yoga.... Even before I met you for the first time, I knew of you and felt at once the contact of one with whom I had that relation which declares itself constantly through many lives.... It is a feeling which is never mistaken and gives the impression of one not only close to one but part of one's existence... Your destiny is to be a yogi but an ascetic dryness or isolated loneliness is not your spiritual destiny since it is not consonant with your swabhava which is made for joy, largeness, expansion and a comprehensive movement of the life-force.... These experiences show at once that your inner being is a yogi, capable of samadhi, ecstasy, intensest bhakti, fully aware of Yoga and Yogic consciousness and showing himself the very moment you got inside yourself.... Poetry and music come from the inner being.... That is why you got the poetic power as soon as you began Yoga.... Go on in the path of Yoga without doubt.... Surely you cannot fail!

- Sri Aurobindo

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