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G u i d e l i n e s   f o r   S a d h a n a


Hari Krishna Mandir was built (in 1959) by Dadaji Dilip Kumar Roy and Indira Devi with the unconditional help of a few friends with the sole aim of creating a permanent nucleus for Sadhna.

The Mandir (alias Ashram) is intended to subserve a two-fold purpose:

First, to enable a few resident sadhakas to live dedicated lives exclusively for the Lord.

Secondly, to serve those outside devotees who want to derive inspiration from its atmosphere, bhajans and Harikatha.

Although it is borne out by experience that the fewer the rules and regulations that govern our conduct in an Ashram the better it is, yet a few clarifications are essential for the devotees so that they may understand clearly what is expected of them:

  1. No devotee is allowed to come to stay in the Ashram without having obtained previous permission.
  2. Dadaji can be seen only by appointment, and devotees are requested to visit the Ashram only during the temple hours and not at all odd hours.
  3. The temple will be open daily from 7 p.m. till 8.30 p.m. when Thakur's Darshan can be had.
  4. Gossip, smoking and drinking are prohibited.
  5. Visitors are requested to stay not more than seven days at a stretch.
  6. Devotees are not allowed to bring private servants as most of the Ashram work is done by the Sadhakas.
  7. Devotees are expected to sweep and clean their own rooms.
  8. Devotees are expected to adjust themselves to the Ashram timings for meals, prayers, bhajans, etc.
  9. Married couples must observe complete continence while staying in the Ashram.
  10. No devotee or disciple must advise or seek advice about sadhana from another. All instructions about spiritual matters must come from the Gurus.
  11. The annexe of the Mandir has been named Sadhan Kutir, and not the guest house, because it is meant not for visitors who come here for a change, sight-seeing, or merry-making, but for sadhakas who come for sadhana alone.
  12. Children under ten are not encouraged to stay in the ashram, nor allowed to be in the temple hall during the bhajans.

January1, 1961.

Poona -5

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