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F r a g r a n t   M e m o r i e s

The purpose of writing this book "FRAGRANT MEMORIES" is not to praise Dadaji, neither is there any illusion that this little book will add glory to him. It is just an attempt to share some precious moments with others who love Dadaji and are interested in his way of dealing with a difficult disciple and helping in the evolution of a seeker. Not through sermons, verbal advise and outer discipline but by example. Even more than this there is a hope and a prayer that once again I will not give importance to my personal likes and dislikes about the matter. Dadaji would approve of my sharing my heart's purest emotions with others, that is enough for me. "pain is your private affair. Share your joy, your aspiration", says Dadaji.

Sometimes the dates are not in a chronological order, sometimes they are not absolutely correct. I may have misquoted a word or two here and there, but that is more because of lack of skill, and not lack of effort.

This is the first volume, and if possible the second volume of my reminiscences will be ready soon. But I am reminded of Dadaji's words, "Indira's eternal doctrine of postponement. What you can do tomorrow, why do today".

Dadaji's way of teaching was unique, his method was LOVE, with which he broke down the resistance of an obstinate disciple. There was never any coercion, any compulsion but there was a more forceful medium, LOVE. It did not give the disciple a feeling of servitude, of duty-bound slavery, of being caged, but the experience of freedom, of a sense of security, a protection round one. It was a beautiful way of teaching and a lovely experience of learning by observation and by loving. Love taught us to observe, to see, to wait and to give.

If the disciples do not profit as they should, the fault lies with the recipient and not the giver. It is very difficult to receive. Grace comes to some in an obvious way and they take it for granted. Grace comes to some others in a subtle way and they do not receive it fully either. Subtle doubts and denials come in their way. Anything that is available too easily is taken for granted. The same thing when it is rare becomes a miracle.

I am grateful for all that I have received, but I am conscious that all that I have not accepted is my fault.


Jai Guru

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