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T h e   F l u t e   C a l l s   S t i l l

Excerpt from a letter published in The Flute Calls Still

"Dada says that these letters may help you. If there is any help or advice that I can give to you it is this :
Know that the Lord being ours, we can have a personal relationship with Him; we can love Him and feel His love and Grace. This is no myth. Till you do this, love your Guru, worship him as a representative of the Lord, give yourself to him, for if you can give yourself to your Guru, you give yourself to the Lord. They are one, only we must realise this. I will end this with a small poem I wrote in New York.

Poised on the crest of silence,
    I saw life's dream in flight
And beheld the racing thoughts flit
    In and out of sight.

Who knows from where and wither ?
    A high way was the mind :
Some streamed in firm posessive,
    Some stumbled - groping blind.

Then flashed the conscious signal
    And barred the way to all,
Unheeding hostile clamours
    Of yearnings great and small.

When all was still and empty
    No joys nor sorrows trod;
In stole a mighty stranger:
    One lonely thought of God.


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