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A b o u t   S r i k a n t j i

Ma Indira Devi said of Srikant Bhai:

Mohabbat ke liye kuch khas dil makhsoos hote hain,
Ye nagma hai jo her saz per gaya nahin jata. -

There are a few hearts that are made for love, that are chosen to love. This is that melody of love that cannot be sung on every instrument. Srikant was one of those chosen few. When he first came, he was very modern. That such a man could follow the spiritual life - sacrifice - give up at one sweep everything that men hold dear, I never imagined. I felt he was a truthful man, a very good man, a very honest man. Knowing him for a few days I felt he had a very simple heart. But that he would turn out to be what he was, I did not know or see then. He has seen that which is beyond the highest pinnacle of human intelligence or wisdom. What he was, very few are.

I was amazed at his crystal honesty with himself. I was in awe by his aspiration. He was a man that can take a vow - he told me this only last year - that till he realized his goal he will never look back or go back (to his family).

He astounded me by his dedication, by his one-pointed love for the Master. He did not read much. He meditated a great deal. His whole life and soul was centred round his Guru and after 1980, his Ma. He saw nothing beyond that. He was not interested in anything, yet he was interested in everybody that came to him. Everyone was dear to him. Everything he did (as seva) - day and night: But there was one difference - others also do it, we also try - but he did it always with a smile, always with joy. It was a joy for him to give himself. Full of joy - full of love - for everybody. - Whole world was his.

The only thing that ever upset him was if he saw that his Ma was upset or somebody said anything about her (which should not have been said) he could not tolerate that. Otherwise nothing upset him - absolutely nothing.

He had no time for gossip at all.

There are certain souls in this world that reach a certain height; they are born again, not for themselves, not under the wheel of Karma. When they have reached the goal, they are born again, not for themselves, but to teach us how to fulfil ourselves. When he had done that, he left. He certainly inspired - his life is an example.

I feel so blessed today - apart from the great pain in my heart - that I had such a Guru and such a Gurubhai. They both taught me so much and both, by example and not by words.

'Do not take me to Jamuna, Gangaji or Haridwar. This is my Haridwar, this is my place of pilgrimage. Let me be with the trees and plants - I will smile and laugh with the flowers in the garden', he told her - and that is what we have done.

Dadaji said of Srikant Bhai:

This Ashram is blessed because of this one man

Hari Krishna Mandir,
Pune 411016

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